IMPACT: The Mastermind

  • Increase your business results without overwhelm, live the life you want, put the playfulness back into your life, and relax into making money with Business and Life Coach, Sheri Kaye Hoff.

Break through blocks.

Fix what isn’t working.

Soar into profits.

What if you could. . .

Bring in the money you want and need?
Feel happy and relaxed about your business?
Make a bigger difference and build a passionate community?
Be in a constant creative flow, with new ideas turning into cash?
Say goodbye to stress and worry?
Start selling your existing services and products like crazy?
Follow a clear, organized business strategy?
Have effective business systems that help you increase your profits and free up your time?
Trust your intuition and leave fear behind?

You can do all these things. Impact Mastermind can help.

You started your business for powerful reasons. But are you making profits that reflect the amazing services and products you’re offering?
When you aren't reaching people or growing your business the way you want, it doesn't feel good. How many hours a day do you spend worrying about your business or how to make more money?
This desire to create change is powerful—I admire and appreciate it. And I really want to help you grow.

If you’re offering something unique and valuable, but not enough people are buying it, Impact Mastermind is for you. 

This six-month program is designed for business owners who want faster growth and know they need to tweak and transform some areas of their business.
The secret of Impact Mastermind? Every business (and business owner!) is different, and your business should fulfill your unique needs and goals.
And you also already have your own great ideas that are just waiting to be revealed.

Impact Mastermind will help you uncover your own inner business guru.

I started my business because I wanted more freedom, happiness, and success in my life.
I soon found that if I let it, my business could be overwhelming and draining. I struggled whenever I felt like I didn't know the next step or didn’t have the support I needed. I went through several stages of growth that were a mix of excitement and stress.
Then, I made a conscious decision that I was going to recommit to the reasons I’d started the business in the first place: to have more freedom, happiness, and success.
Through following my own unique processes that I developed, I found a way to have explosive business growth and stay relaxed and happy.

In fact, the more I relaxed, the more my business grew.

Impact Mastermind can help you do the same with your business.
The six-month program is an intensive, fully customized blend of group coaching and one-on-one support. 
During the six months, I’m going to show you how to craft and structure your clear path. I’ll also show you how to create the business and lifestyle you want. I will be by your side. 
By the time the program is over, you’ll be able to relax into making more money and live and breathe your highest vision of your life—so you can truly live the best version of yourself.

           Would you love to double your income?

“Within the first 10 months of working with Sheri, I doubled my  income and was able to leave my job and work my business full-time. I’d not thought it was possible, but with Sheri guiding me I began realizing my potential and recognizing that my goal was easy to achieve with the correct action steps. And, it keeps getting better. My first full month at home, I broke a record and doubled what I was making in both my job and my business! I know as I continue to grow and work with Sheri that I will achieve more and more and touch others’ lives as well.”Jennifer Owenby, Owner ONB Resume Services,

Here's exactly what you'll get with the Impact Mastermind

Limited seats are available,
Here is what is included:

Impact Mastermind:

Seven 90-minute group coaching calls (a $2,500 value)

Seven 90-minute Q&A calls (a $1,250 value)

Six 30-minute one-on-one coaching calls (a $2,000 value)

One ticket to the two-day live virtual coaching event retreat (a $997 value)

One event ticket to a live event. You can choose Portland, Oregon May 20, 21 2017 or Parker Colorado in late fall of 2017 (event admission only, travel expenses and accomodations are not included...a $1,997 value)

Membership in the secret Facebook group for coaching Q&A (priceless!)

An accountability partner (priceless!)

$4800 in Bonus Gifts

12 Month Membership in the Your Path to Success Inner Circle VIP Program
(Value $2400)

Take Your Marketing to the Next Level eCourse (Value $2400)

Extra Bonus:

When you pay for mastermind in full, you are invited to a special luncheon with me on Sunday during our Retreat weekends.

Plus, you will receive two extra 30 minute one on one coaching sessions with me to use during the program.

Full Price of Impact Mastermind- $4800.

Ultra Early Bird Discount, save over $2800:   
Register today for
one payment of $1997
or 12 payments of $197


Grab Your Spot Now
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          "We would love to welcome you into Impact Mastermind"

Join us—I would love to work with you over the next six months as you create the business and life you want. As soon as you register, you can book your first one-on-one coaching session with me, and we can get started with your business growth right away.

Thank you,

Dr. Sheri Kaye Hoff, Ph.D.
The Inspired Action Success Coach

About Sheri Kaye Hoff

Sheri is a coach, trainer, and bestselling transformational author. She is a near-death survivor/thriver, and she brings wisdom from her 20-year career in coaching, mentoring, consulting, and business development to you.

Sheri and her husband have both owned businesses for 30 years. She knows what it feels like to struggle and wonder if you should throw in the towel, and she also knows what it feels like to make it through the struggle and feel the excitement of triumph on the other side.

Sheri’s coaching approach is transformational, intuitive, spiritual, inspirational, energy-boosting, and action-oriented.

She holds a Ph.D. in holistic life coaching, a master's degree in organizational management, and two bachelor degrees. She lives in beautiful Parker, Colorado with her husband of over 24 years, and has three children, three step-children, and a granddaughter.

Be free, be happy, be the inspiration. Boldly pursue a life of meaning and passion.


How do I know I am ready to be in this Impact Mastermind?

You are ready if you feel like you want support to grow your business and you are ready to try new ideas and tweak some of your currrent ideas. You are ready if you are willing to focus on your business growth for 6 months. If you feel pulled to mastermind, you are ready, even if you have some fear.

How do I know Mastermind will work for me?

Because mastermind is designed with all learning styles in mind, you are given every opportunity to learn in the way that is best for you. Each live webinar has a slide presentation and is available as an on-demand replay as well. There are worksheets to help lock in the principles. You receive an accountability partner from the group so you can get support from a peer. You have Q and A calls each month so you can have every question answered. You also have a one on one call with me each month- not a member of my team, but with me so we can customize ideas and solutions.  You also have the Facebook group which is very active. I answer questions and you will also receive peer support. Plus we include one virtual retreat and one live in-person retreat for an intensive experience. Finally, you receive 12 months as an Inner Circle VIP member, so once mastermind is completed you will have continued support.

When does Impact Mastermind start and end?

Impact Mastermind starts In May and goes thru November
, 2017.

What time of day are the calls?

All calls are on Wednesdays at 9am PST.

How many calls are there each month?

Generally there are two calls per month, but some months vary. You will receive a schedule of calls.

What is the call schedule/dates?

The call schedule will be available soon

What about holidays?

We do not have calls on holidays.

What if I can't make a live call?

You are expected to be on live webinar calls, but we understand that life happens. All calls are recorded. 

What kind of business benefits from this mastermind?

Soloproneurs, coaches, small business owners, service businesses, boutique retail, online service businesses, healers, professionals, and more.

What else are people saying about Sheri's coaching and masterminds? 

Check our testimonial page here